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Dinsdag, 20 Augustus 2013

Scenic Route (2013)

Stranded in a mountain of sand with a car that can not walk, 2 companions tried to call for help to everyone who passed the car, but every car that passed no one wants to help, here in the test a friendship that ultimately they fight and one of them were killed and buried on the spot

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Directed: Kevin Goetz
Michael Goetz
Produced: Scott Freeman
Brion Hambel
Paul Jensen
Luke Rivett
Written: Kyle Killen
Starring: Josh Duhamel (Mitchell)
Dan Fogler (Carter)
Miracle Laurie(Joanne)
Christie Burson(Annie)
Peter Michael Goetz(Old Man)
Jamie Donovan(Tow Truck Driver)

Music : Michael Einziger
Cinematography : Sean O'Dea
Editing: Kindra Marra
Studio: Anonymous Content
Best Medicine Productions
Distributed: Vertical Entertainment
Release date: March 9, 2013
Genres: Drama,Thriller
Running time: 87 minutes
Number of discs: 1
Country : United States
Language: English
Filming Locations: Midland, Riverside County, California, USA

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Format: Blu-ray
Original Movie Scenic Route (2013)
Rated: Rated
Full Movie Download Size :600MB

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